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Pop-up Exhibition during Monaco Yacht Show 2018


Fine Seas exhibits on board M/Y Nassima during Monaco Yacht Show 2018, introducing the beauty of yachts and sea in completely different perspective.

You are used to beautiful photos of yachts and sea? Go beyond the usual expectations and come discover the abstract mood of well-known mega yachts, gathered all together during one of the most significant event in yachting.

Leading yachting Interior Designers & the Founder of Fine Seas

Established in 2016 Fine Seas produces series of art-works, dedicated to feature the values of yachting and the beauty of the sea, using new art-approaches, modern art-technologies and alternative visions.

Available only to yacht owners and professionals in marine & yachting industry, the unusual art photo-works from series “MYSTERY of MYS” introduce well known mega- yachts, anchored at night in Larvotto sea area in Monaco during Monaco Yacht Show.

Intentional camera and lens movement technics are used to reveal the souls of yachts. The yachts' lightning and exterior lines set the conceptual ideas for the photos. The rest is just a mental and physical sensual dance between the authors and the camera to uncover the real spirit of each yacht.

“FINE SEAS is actually not about photography, - tells Maria Alekseenko, the founder of the art-brand, - it s all about admiration and appreciation. All shoots are made from our terrace in Monaco. There are different photo-authors, who basically come to our place as precious guests and play with the camera in a nice ambiance, drinking a glass of good wine and listening to favourite music... We intend to avoid calling the author of the art- works a “photographer”, because in our concept photography is just a tool to express the emotions of the moment, watching sophisticated objects, designed and built by humans, in the waves of powerful water body. We concentrate on the process, feelings and on the moment. And we want to leave this moment in the stylish interiors of those people, who also know how to applicate life, and for whom yachting is a part of the soul. We want that each final owner of Fine Seas art-work looks at it and gets inspired for new projects, new deals, new horizons. We want that by looking at our art-works the owners absorb this powerful energy of the moment and take important right decisions in every aspect of life. We want that in five – seven years’ Fine Seas art-works are found in each house, office, yacht of all those amazing people who are related to sea & yachting”.

Artisanal framing, original production stamps, Hahnemuhle photo paper – the art-works are produced to the highest gallery standards.

The moment is gone. The yachts are already cruising other destinations. But the emotion, the mood, the good vibes are there, on the wall, just to enrich with the energy those, who understand the power of interconnection in this universe.

With love,


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