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Maria Alekseenko

Concept Founder & Art-Photographer

Young Monaco-based yachting entrepreneur. Passionate about the sea and yachts, she explores sea-surface appearances and exterior lines and lights of famous mega yachts, ever anchored or cruising Monaco coast at night. She does not position herself as a photographer, but more as an author of two photo-series, which reveal the beauty of the sea and abstract mood of the yachts. Using long exposures and intentional camera/lens movements, she practice a new type of photography, where sensual dancing plays an important role to reach the perfect balance between the camera, the human, the environment and the photo-object.  

Olga Nebo

Photo refinement and production management

Having a college of Art as a background, Olga Nebo was one of the first and well reputed graphic designers in Minsk, Belarus at the end of 90-es. Moving to Iceland, she continued to produce booklets, books, photos, catalogues and different marketing materials working with local companies and also featuring the beauty of the country. Now based in Monaco, Olga plays an important role in the project. Using her many years experience, she selects & refine the photos and manage production process. She is also the author of several great shoots from photo series "Sea Sentiments". 

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YACHTMANIA is limited series of fine art photos, which feature well known Mega Yachts, ever anchored in Monaco at night. ​

The yachts are introduced in completely new abstract perspective. ​

Using long exposure, intentional camera and lens movement technics, the author of the photos propose a new vision of yachting photography, where yachts' lightning and exterior lines set the conceptual ideas for each art work.​

The rest is just a mental and physical sensual dance between the author and the camera to reveal the soul of each yacht.​

The styles of photo framing and materials are personalised according to general concept of each art-work.

Sea Sentiments

Sea Sentiments - is the most advanced photo-collection of sea views of Monaco Larvotto area. Part of the research project, a primary mission of which is to explore and classify sea-surface appearances. ​All the photos are taken from the terrace, located on a high-floor of one of the sea-front buildings in Monaco. This concept is followed by the subsidiary photo-collections "Waves of Nordland", " Waves of Nazare" - a selection of best photos, taken during private exploratory trips and expeditions from on board of yachts or from onshore.They represent the unique journey into aesthetic admiration of the SEA. 

Fine Sea Art

Completely new unique technic was elaborated In collaboration with famous Art Glass House Crystal Caviar: the art glass repeats the texture of photographed sea surface to accentuate the structure of the sea surface by glass relief. It gives the artwork a unique realism, ambiance and effect of infinity. This gallery artworks are unique pieces of sea art. 

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