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Sea Orchids

Following art-experiment of photo-trio "Sea Roses" we introduce new art-photo-trio "Sea Orchids", from photo-series Sea Sentiments, taken from our terrace in Monaco.

"Sea Orchids Trio" are the portraits of Blue Orchids and a seascape, combined in one single image, using double-exposure photo-technic.

The symbolism of blue orchids goes all the way back to ancient Greece. Greeks believed the bold blue flowers were a symbol of virility and strength.

The Aztecs, the ethnic group of central Mexico, also associated blue orchids with strength.

And ancient inhabitants of China used the plant medicinally, to treat coughs and lung disorders.

Through the years, orchids in all shades have meant many things to many different cultures.

In Victorian-era England, the orchid was a symbol of luxury and decadence. In today's popular culture, orchids are widely regarded as being symbolic of great beauty.

Love and beauty are commonly associated with orchids in all shades today, making the blooms popular as houseplants and wedding decor.

Blue flowers of all types have been historically associated with romance.

Desire and love are often conveyed through blue blossoms.

Because the color blue itself is associated with peace and tranquility, blue flowers may also be used to convey these feelings. Blue orchids specifically represent power, beauty and peace.

Taken in Monaco in March 2018, these art-works represent the unity of nature in its different forms and displays.

Availible in Classic Style (Materials: Hahnemuhle Baryta 315g paper (200 years of colour guarantee), passepartout, black wooden frame, normal or acrilyc glass).

Sizes: Medium: 50cm x 75cm

Edition of 3

Comes with original stamping sertification.

For on-line orders simply click here.

Worldwide delivery

* Free delivery to all Monaco residents

With love from Fineseas,


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