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New vision of Sea Exploration & Sea Fine Art

Dear Sea & Yachts admirers,

did you ever imagine to bring your beloved one to the "meadow" of Sea Flowers?

Young sea ice, open water lead, colder than the underling-ice atmosphere and calm weather conditions - is all what s needed to "grow" sea frost-flowers. Unlikely it is not possible to gather them and bring home, just to admire at place. Ready? Arctic or Antarctic " sea meadows " are classified as unique sea-surface textures and require more exploration...

Photo-credit Maria Stenzel, National Geographic

These ice clusters in a shape of a flower are usually grow up to 4 centimetres and they are very high in salt content.

Due to Global Warming there will be more fields with sea frost flowers will appear. At least something positive about global warming.

Enjoy your day,


Sea & Yachts Fine Art for Stylish Interiors

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