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Exploratory trip to Nazare, Portugal

Famous Nazare coast is known for its gigantic breaking waves, which appear several times a year and attract most experienced surfers to make new records. This phenomenon of big waves happens dues to different depths between Nazare Canyon platforms, due to topographic barrier and due to interaction between waves and littoral drift. The vertical sea-surface textures of the waves is very rare and challenging to explore.

Big waves are better to experience in a winter time. In February there are usually several days when weather conditions help to "create" these huge waves. Normally swell hight should be around 5m and wave length around 500m .

"I traveled to Nazare always during relatively calm periods, - says Maria Alekseenko, - it was rather explorative trips than photography shooting challenge. I adore this place and hope sometime I will be able to jump in the plane right when the forecast predicts big waves and catch the emotions of this unique nature phenomenon. There are several very good photographers, who travel there to make photo shoots of surfers and waves. I checked many photos of this phenomenon of big waves in Nazare. Among others I admire some works of Baleixo Photography. Some of his captures leave breathless. It is his works that I have chosen to represent the vertical structure of the sea waves ( including natural waves-waterfall) in our classification of sea-textures".

To see more of Baleixo Photography visit his Instagram page

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