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Exploratory & photography day-trip to Saltstraumen

Arriving to Bodo, North Norway, some days before private expedition on board of Hanse Explorer yacht begins, allowed to discover the charm of this city and to make a smooth plunge into Norvegian culture and lifestyle. The main goal of this early arrival was to explorer the sea textures of the strongest and the most dangerous maelstroms in the world – Saltstraumen. Twice a day the water surge through the narrow strait, forming impressive whirlpools. Thirty minutes drive southeast from Bodo, and Maria and Olga found themselves right next to the Saltstraumen bridge. There is a choice to have a walk under the bridge and check this natural phenomenon from the coast side, to go up on the bridge and see the whole breathtaking picture from the top; or for the bravest ones, to go on a RIB boat and cruise just in between these vigorous swirls.

In the beginning of July the temperature was no more than 11 degrees that day. It was a windy day, with lots of clouds. But the weather in this region is known for changeable mood. Once in a while sun rays pushed through the clouds and reflected in the whirlpools, giving the textures of sea-surface unique reflections and light. Some of the best photo-shoots were included in Photo-series WAVES OF NORDLAND.

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