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Maria Alekseenko

Three years ago Maria Alekseenko, young ambitious Monaco-based yachting specialist, has started to explore and classify different types of sea surface appearances. Today more than 120 different sea surface textures identified and classified so far and more to come. Passionate about the sea, Maria is taking photos mainly from the terrace, located on a high floor of one of Monaco's residential buildings, as well as during private expeditions around the world.The best shoots are carefully selected, refined and introduced to the public as fine art products. 

Olga Nebo

Graphic design, photo refinement, production management

Having a college of Art as a background, Olga Nebo was one of the first and well reputed graphic designers in Minsk, Belarus at the end of 90-es. Moving to Iceland, she continued to produce booklets, books, photos, catalogues and different marketing materials working with local companies and also featuring the beauty of the country. Now based in Monaco, Olga plays an important role in the project. Using her many years experience, she selects & refine the photos and manage production process. She is also the author of several great shoots from photo series "Waves of Larvotto". 

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