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New art-technology of sea art-works by Crystal Caviar and Fineseas

Do you want to put the sea on the wall? Now it s possible.

The idea came from Sergey Chernetsky, the owner of Seatrial magazine & yacht broker at Moran Yachts. He had a vision to combine art-photography with art-glass to accentuate the structure of the sea surface by glass relief. Maria Alekseenko, Monaco-based founder of Fineseas sea-photography concept, has supported the idea and selected several photos from photo-series Waves of Larvotto as a base to experiment with this new art-technic.

Initiated in early spring 2016, the collaboration between famous art-glass house Crystal Caviar and Fineseas started with the exchange of e-mails. Few weeks later the first technical sketches and glass samples were already elaborated.

Crystal Caviar is a Czech art glass manufactory, that produces and designs high-quality glass objects for stylish interiors and exteriors, working with leading art-artists of today and the world’s most highly respected designers. Their art-objects refine the interiors of many yachts, hotels and private properties. Marek Landa, the owner of this world’s renowned Royal Bohemian Crystal brand, is in the Guinness Book of World Records for building the biggest glass monument in the world.

The most difficult part of technical elaboration of first Fineseas art-work was to glue the tailor-made art-glass, that accurately repeats the texture of the waves, directly on the photo-print. Timotej Hanzl, responsible for special project in Crystal Caviar house, had to persist on production of several pieces before finding the right technic to avoid bubbling.

Finally the first art-work was ready and sent directly on board of 49m motor yacht Nassima to decorate the entrance hall.

The second art-work is decorating the interior of private apartment in Monaco.